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I apologize in advance. I can be hard to get ahold of as this is a one person office and I'm on the road a bit. I tried putting the dogs to work on the computer answering incoming correspondence...long story short, that didn't work out too well. So bear with me, I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

My e-mail address is web_parton@me.com. Click on this link to send an e-mail message.

My office number is (520) 896-9555. If you don't catch me in, please leave a message and I will return the call.

Or... My cell number is (520) 465-3460. If I am not in front of people it will be hanging on me.

The post office works as well. You can send correspondence to:

Web Parton

P.O. Box 1296

Oracle, AZ 85623